The Struggle Is REAL

Every guy is different. Each one reacts to things differently, however, each one tends to piss off girls in the same way. Sure, most of the time guys believe that we are just “overreacting” or “being dramatic,” which by the way upsets us even more. I promise you 99 percent of the time we believe we are being 100 percent rational and if a guy doesn’t see that, too bad.

Here are some things from my past experiences that make me explode.

When ever they ask to hang out, and they are very vague such as “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” or “it doesn’t matter; whatever you want” or the one that drives me insane, “Just figure it out and let me know.” Be a man. Man up and plan something romantic. Do not ask us out if you do not plan the evening.

Now here’s a word for the guys we meet at bars. Just because you bought me a drink does not mean I owe you anything. I am not obligated to stick around you the rest of the night or have to give you my number or anything. My time or attention does not equal the cost of a drink I promise yomemeu that.

Now if you are really trying to impress us and you buy me a drink but not my friend who’s standing there with us, that’s not just bad, but it’s bad manners. You really want to make a good impression and that is not a great way to start.

“What did I even do?” or “Did I do something?” COME ON! Any time a guy texts me this, I know something is about to go down. I cannot stand it when I have to explain myself on more than one occasion
that I do not like something, that I do not appreciate something, or that I juScreen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.56.24 PMst did not want him doing that. Listen and learn. It is frustrating when we feel like  what I say goes in one ear and out the other.

Lastly, another pet peeve is when guys act childish after a breakup, and by childish I mean posting Facebook status saying “I’m finally free!” Like no, you aren’t free, you were not released, your ass got dropped, bro. Do not try to act like you have been in jail or held hostage for x amount of time. So there is no reason to try to fool people that the break up is something that is “setting you free.” So don’t post on social media something negative about your ex significant other. Only person that looks bad doing that is the person doing the posting.

There are plenty of other reasons why guys annoy me on a daily basis, and I am sure every girl can agree with me on that. These were just the ones that happen today.

-Ana Feria


“The Year I changed my Life”

“The Year I Changed my Life” is how I decided I will refer to this year… 2016. Earlier this year, in January, I quit my job of twelve years. This was a huge step because many people around me thought I would stay at that job forever. I know I must have sounded like a broken record to them because I was always saying that I would quit, and I never would. So in January I followed through with my word and quit the job.

I had to sell my house to do so, which is a tad scary as I hope that life after my degree works out to where I can get another. At the rate the house market is going in Austin I might have to move to Bastrop. I am not too worried because for some reason, my professional life always works out. Other aspects of my life not so much.


OK, so this was only a 5K, but it was fun! “Happy” is how I describe my life right now.

Along with the stress of a job you hate sometimes comes some extra pounds. So besides quitting my job, I have made exercise a part of my life. I have made a lot of progress since January when I started, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I now run up to an average of 14 miles a week. This is nothing close to my two younger sisters who have this “running bond”between them. They run 14 miles on one Sunday alone. They have been runners for years, just like my dad. I always knew there had to be a runner somewhere deep inside me. Perhaps not like my sisters who run marathons and travel long distances to run them. They are both going to Amsterdam this October to run a marathon there. Hopefully one day I will be able to run a marathon.

I am also taking charge of my personal life and reconnecting with people that for years I took for granted. My job had always been stressful and demanding with me being on call 24/7. It is exciting to be able to go out and do something in Austin without worrying about having my phone or getting a call in where I have to go back to work. The feeling of not being tied down to my phone or this job is awesome.

So this is the year that I decided to change my life and it has been amazing! I am excited to see what the rest of the year will look like for me. The only regret I have is that I did not quit my job sooner as I am loving my new life!

-Sarah Rendon


Team Tatted

FullSizeRender-2.jpgDating back to before I was legal age to get a tattoo I had always said, “the day I turn 18, I’m getting a tattoo!” Well, I turned 18 three years ago and tonight, July 15, was the night I joined #teamtatted.

I absolutely hate needles. Let me just tell you, when I was 15 I once went between the option of getting a shot in my arm or my leg seven times. Apparently my doctor thought it was funny enough to tell my friend that went in the day after for the same shot. Jokes on me. So when I say I was nervous, I’m not lying.

My day started with a late morning donating some clothes and shoes to the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, then off to grab a bite to eat with friends, so a very normal day. I loosely brought up the idea of getting a tattoo I have been wanting, didn’t actually think I would end up at the tattoo parlor. Much less that I could convince my friend to get one as well.

So what does this tattoo mean to me? Well, my eldest brother recently passed away from a motorcycle accident a little over a month ago, and I wanted to do a little something for him and myself since he was decked out in tattoos. I got the word “always” kind of for a number of reasons, but I’ll give you the short version. I “always” want to be… fill in the blank. With my brothers passing it has taught me to be more positive and full of life. I have been struggling with anxiety and I wanted this to be a constant reminder to always look to God for the answer. I “always” want to be loving, giving, patient, etc. and to live life without regrets and the classic “what if’s.”

So, consider me team tatted!



For the love of makeup

By: Clarissa Briseno


Many people think that when it comes to makeup it is a very easy process. They just think girls slap some stuff on their face and they’re ready to go. I’m here to let everyone know that it’s much more than that. I’ll also admit that there are days where you can basically put stuff on your face and walk out the door but those are rare days for me.

When it comes to makeup you have to be aware of the type of skin you have and what undertones you have. The most important thing is that you take care of your skin and not to just use makeup as an acne cover-up because most of the times it will just cause your skin to be worse.

I enjoy makeup for the fact that it’s a way to be creative with your skin temporarily. If you have a bad makeup day, you don’t have to worry because it’ll just wash off. A key to having a great makeup day is to always make sure the foundation you’re wearing matches the color of your neck, not your face. Our faces tend to be lighter than our body.

Makeup has to be one of the highlights of getting ready. Especially if I’m getting ready for something I really don’t want to go to. I believe that if a girl or guy loves makeup she should be able to enjoy it without the constant fear of being ‘deceiving’ as some people may call them. Makeup is an art and I’m more than happy that people trust my opinion on it.





The Crazy Cajun


Summer time is the best time for mini vacations to the beach! This weekend me, my mom, aunt and cousin all took a trip down to Port Aransas for a girls weekend. So far on the trip there has been many laughs and plenty of drinking BUT most importantly the food has been delicious! This little place called The Crazy Cajun in Port Aransas is one of my favorite spots to eat seafood. I have been to this restaurant before several months ago with my sister and she was the one that introduced me to this place. I fell in love with their family sized dinner that came with crab legs, corn, and potatoes. It was so good that I wanted to remember this place for when I came back! So whenever my mom and I booked this girls trip to Port Aransas, I immediately told her that we needed to eat here. The atmosphere is great and the people are very friendly. Port Aransas has a lot of seafood places but in my opinion this is one of the best.  I strongly recommend this place for anyone looking for a good tasty meal and some family fun! A lot of the locals come and hang out here but everyone is nice and like to have a good time. It is also across the street from a lot of the local bars and other restaurants which is fun for a big group to out and get some drinks! My family and I love the feel of Port Aransas and how laid back everything is and the people are always nice.  I love eating at new places but this is a place that I will always come back to and It is located in the middle of town. The next time you are in Port Aransas make sure you stop by and eat here!

Piper Davis


Things I Learned After Transferring to Texas State

By Emily Santana

The past two years I’ve spent in San Marco have been quite a journey, to say the least.  As odd as it may sound, I don’t even know how or why I am here, but I do know that coming to this school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. As I enter my final semester at Texas State University, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all the things I’ve learned on and off campus and share some of my tips with current and new students.

  • The first item on my list is a no-brainer. You must wear comfortable shoes on campus! Every day is a workout at Texas State University. I have a hard time believing that anyone that comes on campus wearing anything but tennis shoes, is truly comfortable. My feet hurt even when I wear basic flip flops.
  • Check the weather every damn day, but still be sure to prepare for the unexpected. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my apartment wearing clothes that didn’t match up with the weather. I’ve worn shorts when it’s 40 degrees and long sleeves in 80-degree weather. P.S. Make sure you purchase rain boots and umbrellas.
  • Right off of N. LBJ Drive on Acorn Street, in front of Thai Thai Café, there is a street where parking is free and close to campus, but it is VERY limited. This was helpful to me in my first semester when I didn’t understand how the shuttle system worked (judge me). Knowing that this limited parking exits could also be useful if you are making a short stop on campus and don’t feel like paying to use the parking garage or if you don’t want to hike two miles from the commuter lots.
  • is like a bible when it comes to picking your professors. Bless the soul(s) that came up with this website. It permits you to get a general feel for the professors and how they run their courses. I’ve found some of the best teachers through this site. Hence why I’m in this class. 😉
  • Stock that backpack with lots of snacks! Whether you’re enduring a late night study session or you woke up late and didn’t eat breakfast, there will come a time where you need the fuel. Unless you want to pay $10 for a bag of chips somewhere on campus, I would suggest buying your snacks in bulk elsewhere.
  • You should rent your text books when you can. Chances are that you will never open the book again when the semester is over. This is not always the case, but I have never had the desire to open up a $200 chemistry book for my leisure. Save your dollars and space. Also wait until after the first day of class to purchase your books. Nothing makes me more upset than when I would buy I textbook and then the professor would tell us that we didn’t need it.
  • Campus squirrels are the most domesticated squirrels you will ever encounter. Just like us, these creatures endure the everyday struggles of finding food and treading around campus. I sat outside once and drinking my coffee and sharing my banananut bread with one. His name was Jimmy.


And lastly…

  • There is no campus with better location, students or staff! Eat ‘em up cats!




Becoming Parents

My parents never allowed pets in our house. Growing up, it was always a dream to have a dog as part of the family but they never believed that my sister and I could handle the responsibility. I put the idea of having pets on the back burner when I moved to San Marcos to start my college career. I knew that I would never be able to handle a pet on my own since I was always between my apartment and my home in Leander.

Now, at 24 years old, I am finishing my senior year in college and planning my own wedding! Life sure flies fast, doesn’t it? Since living together, Mike and I have always wanted a dog to love and care for. Mike, my fiancé, grew up around dogs and had always encouraged the idea of giving a dog a home. I am happy to say that Mike and I will be sharing our home to not one but two little Shih Tzus in need of home. We originally planned to only adopt one but since neither of us have any impulse control, we decided to adapt two brothers from a litter.

I have always wanted to be a mom but I never thought it would come this soon. By no means am I comparing children to dogs but I know that both require a large amount of attention and responsibility. I am nowhere near ready to be a mom to my own kids but I have never been more ready to take care of Cooper and Ollie, our little puppies. Knowing that we would have these little guys for at least the next 15 years melts my heart. Cooper and Ollie will be a part of our lives and we are so lucky to have them.

-Cindy Le