Samuel Rubbelke Blog Entry #1

The most favorite thing I did during the first part of summer was going to the X Games in Austin with my dad. These athletes truly show no fear. The whole time my father and I were astonished by the gravity-defying tricks these guys were doing. The X Games are home to some of the craziest and most insane extreme sports athletes on planet earth. The event that blew my mind the most was the BMX Big Air competition. Athletes that partake in this event have no fear and make the tricks look like they came straight out of a video game.

X Games

X Games

However, my favorite part of the X Games didn’t actually have anything to do with the X Games. It had to do with where my father and I parked. To save some money we didn’t park at the Circuit of Americas parking, but rather we decided to go to a small house on the side of the road that asked for $10 to park on their property. It was awesome because they had chickens roaming all over the front yard. When my father and I took a break from the X Games (We stayed at the X Games for 13 hours so we needed a break half way through) to eat some food that we packed, we had a feast with the chickens and chased them around the yard. I don’t think the Hispanic family appreciated that that much.

Guacamole, Oculto and Chickens

Guacamole, Oculto and Chickens

For the cherry on top of the ice-cream, we also saw Metallic preform after the X Games. For a bunch of old dudes, they still rock hard.


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