Words we say in 2015

I have recently been exposed to this new hip, modern day lingo to which I have a couple thoughts about. Let me first paint the picture for you. I posted a photo from my trip to Houston this past weekend. It was my friend’s birthday, so we had a soiree at his place followed by some midtown shenanigans later that night. Everyone was dressed up and looking classy as ever. It was my first time out on the town in Houston so I made sure to impress. We had a grand time, met new people; met up with old friends, and got home safe. It was a solid night. The next day, i posted a photo from the previous night and an acquaintance (because there is a difference between friends and people you just know), made a comment that made me question the future of my unborn children. i quote,

“That shirt is on fleek”-acquaintance

Now i sat there reading it, i couldnt help but stumble over saying it.

i have never heard of this. i was unaware of this words meaning. i responded,

“Uh, i beg your padon?”

To which this person who clearly just has no sense of proper English then says,

“Huh?”…………….clearly she has never heard someone say, “i beg your pardon.”

My response, “Uhm, what does ‘fleek’ mean?”

To which she says, “It means on point.”

Now in my head I’m already telling myself, “That’s what i said about the shirt originally; that it was on point, which basically describes it already in itself, on point.

Now why must we have another word that just sounds ignorant, “fleek” to describe what we already have a word for? To me it just seems like people get bored, sit around and spitball obscure and obtuse words until they convince themselves they made up a cool new word. it just irks me. All this new age vocab that just makes people sound illiterate.


Even people who implement “hashtags” in their speech and text. how stupid can we possible get. What happened to the days when we would expand our vocabulary by reading books? Oh no, sorry we give our kids’ phones and sit ’em in front of TVs all day?

We have a front row seat to watch the English language diminish right before our eyes. Grab some popcorn and a drink. It should be comical to say the least.


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