Some Summer Fun

Like a lot of people in summer school, school has been my summer. Between three summer classes, finding a place to live and a completely virtual marketing internship, my scenery has mostly consisted of the Old Main building, apartment experts and my laptop.

Recently, a friend and I decided to take a day off to go furniture shopping and get some things together for our new apartment. Our first stop was the flea market (we’d never been). There we met Dora and Robert, the absolute nicest couple/people I think I’ve ever met and Larry, a carpenter from New York, who shared with us the story of how he met his wife of 37 years at a K-Mart and that’s how he ended up in Texas (It was more heartwarming than it sounds, I promise).

After the flea market we went on to Ikea and decided to join a couple of friends for dinner at The Oasis in Austin afterwards. There I had a mojito, learned to two step, danced with strangers and overall had a blast.

It was so nice to spend a day getting to know wonderful people and just getting out of the same old routine. I didn’t realize how burnt out I was until I finally had a chance to have some fun. It was my favorite day of this summer because it taught me that in order to avoid becoming a mindless zombie-adult I need to remember that I’m human and that it’s OK to slow down and have some fun.


By Tea Milutinovic


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