Family Summer Time

My favorite summer memory from childhood was playing outside for long stretches. It seems like the days were super long, the nights were short, and vacation went on forever. Our family would always take trips every year, but the highlight of summer for me was just the simple things like playing baseball well into the night and then sleeping in the next day. Summers also included lots of time to sleep in.

Fast forward to the year I dated my wife. That summer was filled with great memories I still replay over and over. We spent a lot of time at the beach, having bonfires with friends and enjoying sunsets overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Now that I am married and have a family, some of the best memories of summer for me are very similar, always including lots of outdoor activities. There is grilling out with extended family or by ourselves, camping and bonfires at the family land and time at the pool. My wife and I are both in school, so we take any opportunity to spend time with family.

By Trey Moehle

Watching the bats.


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