Independence Day

College is the time to make friends, get an education, discover who you are and most importantly, to have fun. Being in college provides countless opportunities to accomplish those things and more. You just have to be willing to take them.

Of all the incredible memories I have made throughout my college career, the one that sits at the top of the list would be floating the river on July 4th. It was a beautiful, sunny day in San Marcos so my friends and I decided to take full advantage and spend the entire day out in the sun.

IMG_8137We started by grilling burgers and vegetable kebabs while drinking beer and listening to patriotic music. Classic, huh? One of the girls even made banana pudding! While we were out there, another group of students had the same idea as us and we just naturally merged together turning it into a party.

After the grilling party, it was time to float the river. With full bellies and a full ice chest, we blew up our tubes and jumped in the river. I knew that there would be a lot of people floating the river that day but I was shocked by how many were actually there. There were a few times on the float where we weren’t even moving because there were so many people. But nonetheless, it made it that much more fun and enjoyable. Everybody was in such a great mood and there were American flags all along the river and just a great atmosphere to be in.

IMG_8086To conclude the already fantastic day, we went to my friends house where they put on their own firework show every year. To my surprise, it was actually a very good show! They must have put a lot of money into buying fireworks because they were the great big ones with a good finale. I was very impressed with their production.

Being with old friends and making new ones is a gift that I was lucky enough to have and I will cherish those amazing Independence Day memories for the rest of my life.

— Harrison Holt


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