Adulthood is around the corner

As the fall semester approaches, the realization has hit me that adulthood is around the corner. As ready as I am to leave this little college town, I am sad to say goodbye to a place that has allowed me to discover who I am as young woman. In six months, I will walk the stage at graduation with nothing but a degree in my hand to represent four years of my life’s memories.

Besides academics, Texas State has taught me life lessons that I would not have learned anywhere else. Work ethic, determination, and willingness are some of the things that the classroom taught me that weren’t from a text book. Outside of the classroom, I learned to become a self-efficient adult. Getting a real job, making new friends, paying bills and drinking alcohol were a new kind of freedom that created some of my favorite memories.

My freshman year of college was a slap in the face to my study habits. I had terrible test anxiety and overall was overwhelmed with 17 hours of courses during my first semester. My roommate and I decided we needed a night off from the books and decided to go to a frat party for the first time. We both had tests the next morning and overall it was a terrible decision. I failed my test and my roommate couldn’t get out of the bed to take hers. She drank way too much and had to be carried back to our dorm room. She made out with a guy and to this day he still gives me head nods on campus. (I basically saved her life that night).

I look back on these memories and remember how ‘shiny and new’ my college experiences were. Now that I have spent four years at Texas State, I am ready to experience a something else that seems “shiny and new.” San Marcos is where I became me, and I will never forget these special moments. Graduation is not the end, but a beginning of a brand new adventure filled with many more memories.

— Jasmyn Booker


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