Delta Zeta and the bonds of friendship

It’s so crazy to think that in five months I will be graduating from Texas State. The past four years have the best years of my life. I have met so many people, learned from bad and good experiences, partied hard and most of all grown up.

I have so many favorite memories that come to mind, but I would have to say my favorite memory was Bid Day in September 2011.

I came to Texas State with two of my best girlfriends from back home, they lived in Lantana and I lived in (scary) Sterry. I was always at Lantana with my girls, as the RA would say I was the adopted Lantana girl. My friend’s next-door neighbor was a girl from Dallas. She came to Texas State not knowing anyone, and we all immediately hit it off, but Jordan and I instantly became best friends. We were together 24/7. She was the sister I never had. She came to family events with me, and my mom became her mom and her family became my family.

We all knew we were going to rush a sorority, and I knew we were going to go Delta Zeta from the very beginning, but Jordan thought she was going to go Zeta. On the last day of recruitment, we had bid day, which is where you find out the sorority you are going to be in. All four of us were in different groups, so we didn’t know what sorority we were all in until we got in the bus to head to the sorority house.

My girlfriends and I hopped on the Delta Zeta bus and we were anxiously waiting to see if Jordan was going to get on with us. Group by group they were releasing girls to get on the buses, and finally group 13 was called and Jordan hopped on the Delta Zeta bus with us. It was the most exciting moment of my freshman year. Not only were Jordan and I best friends, but we were now sorority sisters, which is a bond that cannot be broken. We were all screaming and jumping up and down when Jordan got on the bus.

Jordan and I being in the same sorority for over three years brought our relationship so much closer, she is without a doubt my other half.

— Elyse Rountree


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