My Last Summer as a College Student

By Casey Sauceda

It finally hit me. This is going to be my last summer as a college student. Although I don’t enjoy summer school I know that one day I will miss all this. I study during the day and spend my afternoons relaxing and kayaking on the river with my friends. That’s when it hit me. Soon me and all my buddies will go our separate ways and embark on new journeys.

The past four years here have been amazing, I got to wrestle competitively for Texas State, travel the country and meet many people from all walks of life. The best part about being on the team would have to be the camaraderie I have experienced. It’s almost like an extended family.

Sure it was the best time of my life but I am positive that I will have many more eventful years ahead of me.

Although the summer isn’t over yet and the fall semester begins soon, I plan on spending the remainder of it enjoying every single second.

I’ve made a list of five more things to do and explore in Austin before the summer ends.

1: The Baylor Street Art Wall

It’s a large building in Austin covered with graffiti. I’ve seen tons of pictures of this place but have never been, I plan to add a few things to this wall. Maybe afterwards ill have time to hit up 6th street and grab a few over priced drinks afterwards.


2: Hamilton Pool

The past few summers I’ve tried going here, but just never seemed to have any free time to go. It seems like a great place to beat the summer heat and enjoy a few cold ones.


3: The Greenbelt

The majority of my friends and I are outdoorsy types. Pretty much thrill seekers. So what better place to explore and get a workout in at the same time then The Greenbelt in Austin.


4: Lake Travis Zip line

It seems dangerous. So why not? I said we were thrill seekers and enjoy doing dangerous adventures, so what better place to do it than at Lake Travis. I read you can reach a top speed of 60 miles an hour. I’ll let you know if I can go that fast.


5: South Congress

South Congress is know for having the hipster stuff in Austin. I’ve never been so why not end the last place to visit then South Congress. South Congress has amazing food trucks and unique Austin places just waiting to be explored.




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