Don’t Look Back In Anger

By Jake Samaniego

As I look back on my college education and look forward to the future, I find myself reflecting on the person that I once was. Gone is the person with insecurities and lack of confidence. Going through college signified an evolution for myself both personally and professionally. What galvanized this chance was the chance of an internship that changed the course of my career and life permanently.

When I look back on my time at Texas State, it’s ironic that I look at the time that I spent OUTSIDE of the school. A small private PR firm changed the way I viewed myself. When hired on at Giant Noise, I thought it was just a joke, some dream, some fantasy that I had normally created for myself in my head. In all honestly, they had every reason not to take a chance on me.

I didn’t have much experience for the types of projects and clients that they serve but they did anyway. Not only did they give me the tools and talent to succeed, they taught me never to doubt myself. To always have confidence, even if you’re not sure exactly what I’m doing. Without them, I would never of found my love and calling for the music industry.

So when I look back, I’ll always remember Texas State for allowing me to intern at Giant Noise, I would never of gotten to see the things that I saw or experienced such a dynamic group of talented, funny, sincere and creative people.

To those who feel inferior when applying for jobs and internships, don’t. It really is that simple. Whenever someone told me to just apply, I doubted them. I thought in my head that there was more to it. But there really isn’t. I hope that you all find that special job or company willing to take a chance on you like Giant Noise did for me.


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