What goes around, well . . . goes around.

By Beau Mossey

Most of the time in today’s society, people seem to look past the little things. Everybody is caught up in their own little world. In a heavy media-driven technology world that consumes our daily occurrences, I come across a sea of faceless people. Yes, faceless.

Everywhere I go, the majority of people that I see are looking down at their phones. I cant tell you how many times I have walked through campus and seen a friend who I try and initiate interaction, but they are too busy looking down . . . at their phone. Who can actually walk around and look down, preoccupied with other activities on your cell device. I get on the bus to campus Monday through Friday and as I sit and survey the seats, every head is down . . . looking at their phone.

It seems that whatever is going on in that tiny screen of theirs that we hold in our hands 95 percent of the time is taking over. Communication skills are declining, people have become lazy with the spelling or sentence structure or conversing that we just don’t talk anymore.

We have become so concerned with what other people are doing or who they are with or what we want them to see or hear what we are doing because we have all these social media outlets that we deem “important.” If we would just put our phones down or away, took a second and looked up for once, we might actually see something or someone.

Here is a challenge: Delete all social media sites from your cell phone for a week. See how that bodes for you. Ha!


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