Before you go forth

By Trey Moehle

There are many signs of fall on Texas State’s campus. Students can be seen tossing a football at the weekly tailgate, trees are starting to turn, and group projects, tests, and papers all come to a close in preparation for the end of the year. While most students on campus approach winter break with a sense of excitement and relief, what with some time away from the classroom right around the corner, another group approaches it with a much greater sense of anxiety: The Seniors.

As college comes to a close and “the real world” quickly approaches, seniors’ minds are more occupied with the ideas of solidifying a job, finding living arrangements, and finally leaving the place that they have called home for the last four years. Coming to college from the big scary world, I can certainly understand the uncertainty that students have of transitioning from the student role to that of an alumnus.

The end of a student’s undergraduate career is obviously a time to celebrate. Students deserve to look proudly upon their Texas State accomplishments and reflect on ways in which it has prepared them to be successful throughout their careers. My only advice for those who are graduating is “take it all in” before this chapter of your life closes.

Don’t focus so far in the future that you forget to live your life. After graduation, life will change and you will never get these moments back. Each student will look back at this time with fondness and remember how many opportunities each one of us was afforded because of the education from Texas State.

Until then, relish the glorious life of a college student.


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