Dirty Sixth and West Sixth

Many people know Sixth Street in Austin as a crazy, dirty place to spend Saturday nights with friends. Most people don’t remember their Saturday nights there; even more folks don’t even realize that Sixth Street has two different sides.

One side that is most people are familiar with is Dirty 6th and the other side is West 6th, which is kind of more upper class. Dirty 6th consist of dozens and dozens of bars, a  few over-rated and very overpriced food stands within a three-block radius.

The good majority of these bars are extremely filthy. If a health inspector ever stepped foot inside of one, he would shut it down within a matter of days.

For the other side of Sixth Street, known as West 6th St., which many people don’t know about, is known for being a little more classy and extremely overpriced. You can run into local sports athletes such as Vince Young, Johnny Manziel or your local Austin, Texas, millionaires on any given day.

Several bars that I would recommend on Sixth Street would be as follows.

Dirty 6th.

1: The Rooftop on Dirty 6th is one of the cleanest and safest bars I have ever visited. The bartenders are extremely friendly and fast. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes to get a drink.


2: Voodoo Room is unique in its own way, you’ll have to visit it to see what I mean.


West 6th ST.

3: Kung Fu Saloon

One of the only bars I have found in Austin so far that has 1970s-style arcade video game machines. If free video games doesn’t sound like a fun time, then I don’t know what does.


4: Concrete Cowboy

One of the craziest bars in Austin, Concrete Cowboy has a amazing second floor balcony that overlooks all of downtown Austin.


By Casey Sauceda


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