If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

IMG_7457One of my favorite hobbies that I have acquired over the years is cooking. I enjoy creating dishes from scratch and trying new foods. For me, cooking is a very relaxing form of therapy. You can follow a recipe and not have to put much thought into it which is a great thing to do after a stressful day. Or you can come up with your own recipe and make it exciting on days you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen.

If cooking a full meal is too intimidating or stressful, start off with something small like a dessert or appetizer. Baking can also be just as fun as cooking. There are so many different types of desserts to make with various difficulty levels. I started off by baking homemade cookies with my mom and gradually worked my way up to more complex desserts like Boston Creme Pies. As for appetizers, I like making all different types of dips and sauces for food trays or finger foods.

Like all hobbies, you have to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing because it’s something that makes you happy. It just so happens that food makes me happy so I love to make it.

-Harrison Holt


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