Summer time shine

Well here we are, summers end yet again. As the Sunnys days get hotter, classes are finally ending. The one thing I’ve realized spending my summers in San Marcos is the amount of students that don’t stay. Granted summer usually means going back home but after a while doesn’t that just seem boring. Since I have stayed here for the past three summers I have met a plethora of new people, was able to fully integrate myself in class and leave an impression (I hope). Who says you have to be satisfied with going back home. This is my home, my current home at least. I find that separating myself in the summer time has allowed for me to become even more comfortable in this town. Faces become a lot more familiar, places recognize you faster and it almost feels like you are running the town. Daily occurrences consist of pools, tanning, riverside chillin and grilling. It’s ideal! Just spend a day with me and see for yourself.

-it is what it is


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