America Shattering Scenario by Chance Adam Mena

Typically discussions on Facebook  involving politics lead to the alienating of friends and family members. In spite of the usual, a conversation focused on the current candidates  for President of the United States between a friend and I led to an unusual topic, the possible scenario of the U.S.A splitting into multiple sovereign states.  





The conversation started with a quip that if Donald Trump were elected we would fall into another Civil War and if Hillary Clinton won we would go into another Cold War with Russia that could result in nuclear fallout. Though a joke, it reflects on the common perception American’s have, that our current political system is highly-polarized.


The conversation snowballed into a hypothetical question of “Would such events even be necessary?” Russian-American engineer and a writer Dmitry Orlov in his piece, “Closing the ‘Collapse Gap’…“, argues that the U.S.A has all the existing precursors.

He argues against those who disregard the possibility simply due to its likelihood by pointing to the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, (U.S.S.R.). Even though the collapse and separation of the U.S.S.R was deemed unlikely, it happened nonetheless.

Orlov states there are key factors that led to the U.S.S.R collapse and that U.S.A posses all of them.

  1. Stuck in a state of war (The war on terrorism and involvement in the Middle East’s conflicts)
  2.   Declining Oil Prices
  3. High spending in military budgets 
  4. Unsustainable deficits and foreign debt
  5. Corrupt and unresponsive political system that is incapable of reforming
  6. A nation-wide illusion of grandeur that prevents an open dialogue in regards to current issue

Orlov makes some solid points however, I am going to simply recognize his stance as a good argument but an unlikely, tangible event. Maybe I am simply being optimistically ignorant. We will just have to wait to see to find out. If it does go down I am prematurely declaring myself the new King of the South.








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