San Marcos River


San Marcos River

            Many Texans know San Marcos for its infamous river that careens through the city. As a resident of San Marcos, I too have fallen in love with the river. Since moving to San Marcos in the summer of 2014, I began to notice that I go to the river almost every single day.

The San Marcos River is spring fed and is a constant 72 degrees, making it a great swimming spot practically year-round. The city has many fantastic swimming areas, but the best spots are those that we find on our own. My current favorite river hangouts are near Rio Vista Park and Five Mile Dam Park.

Those parks are also the best place if you want to bring your dog to swim, too. I love to bring my dog with me to the river, but sometimes it is too crowded and it would be too inconvenient to bring him. Five Mile Dam and Rio Vista allow for me to bring my dog and have plenty of space for him to run around and swim.

A recent concern is the amount of trash that is being found at the river. Since the summer heat has brought many people to cool off in the waters of the San Marcos River, it has also brought all of their trash. The people who leave their trash at the rivers are mostly large families and gathering groups. They come to the river, set up their tents and grills, eat and then leave. Without a concern for their impact on the river.

In my first semester at Texas State University, I accepted an officer position for a student organization named RINSE, or the River Inspired Student Effort. Our only goal is to promote stewardship of the San Marcos River and to host trash pick ups throughout the year. Through numerous organized cleanups, RINSE has been able to keep many areas of the river clean and free of debris.

The San Marcos River is an absolute dream to those who love to swim in natural waters. The marine life is plentiful, the waters are clear and the people are friendly. What more could you ask for in a city of mermaids.

-Hanna Greenlee


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