The Nanny Life

At the age of 21 I can promise you that none of us want to be in charge of kiddos, much less three, unless you are a nanny. Being in charge of three kids gives you a whole new sense of peace and quiet. Even though being a nanny can be crazy at times, I love these boys more than anything.

I take care of three wild-haired boys: Leo (6), Luke (5) and Lincoln (10 months). The two older boys are barely interested in anything besides video games, in particular, Pokémon.  As soon as their feet hit the floor in the mornings, they are already asking to play games.  Lincoln is a doll, but only sleeps around 5 hours a night. If it wasn’t for a nanny, their mom would not even have time to breathe.

If you are looking to make good money in college I would look into being a nanny. Keep in mind though, being in charge of kids is no easy feat. I have to feed, entertain, bathe and put them to be everyday. As I said before, you live for the moments when you don’t have a kid screaming at you or hitting their brother. Finding a family to help is super easy, just get a account, all it requires is a background check and for you to give your schedule. Making money is right around the corner as long as you are ready to lose a little sleep.

-Jerrika Midkiff



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