Team Tatted

FullSizeRender-2.jpgDating back to before I was legal age to get a tattoo I had always said, “the day I turn 18, I’m getting a tattoo!” Well, I turned 18 three years ago and tonight, July 15, was the night I joined #teamtatted.

I absolutely hate needles. Let me just tell you, when I was 15 I once went between the option of getting a shot in my arm or my leg seven times. Apparently my doctor thought it was funny enough to tell my friend that went in the day after for the same shot. Jokes on me. So when I say I was nervous, I’m not lying.

My day started with a late morning donating some clothes and shoes to the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, then off to grab a bite to eat with friends, so a very normal day. I loosely brought up the idea of getting a tattoo I have been wanting, didn’t actually think I would end up at the tattoo parlor. Much less that I could convince my friend to get one as well.

So what does this tattoo mean to me? Well, my eldest brother recently passed away from a motorcycle accident a little over a month ago, and I wanted to do a little something for him and myself since he was decked out in tattoos. I got the word “always” kind of for a number of reasons, but I’ll give you the short version. I “always” want to be… fill in the blank. With my brothers passing it has taught me to be more positive and full of life. I have been struggling with anxiety and I wanted this to be a constant reminder to always look to God for the answer. I “always” want to be loving, giving, patient, etc. and to live life without regrets and the classic “what if’s.”

So, consider me team tatted!



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