The Crazy Cajun


Summer time is the best time for mini vacations to the beach! This weekend me, my mom, aunt and cousin all took a trip down to Port Aransas for a girls weekend. So far on the trip there has been many laughs and plenty of drinking BUT most importantly the food has been delicious! This little place called The Crazy Cajun in Port Aransas is one of my favorite spots to eat seafood. I have been to this restaurant before several months ago with my sister and she was the one that introduced me to this place. I fell in love with their family sized dinner that came with crab legs, corn, and potatoes. It was so good that I wanted to remember this place for when I came back! So whenever my mom and I booked this girls trip to Port Aransas, I immediately told her that we needed to eat here. The atmosphere is great and the people are very friendly. Port Aransas has a lot of seafood places but in my opinion this is one of the best.  I strongly recommend this place for anyone looking for a good tasty meal and some family fun! A lot of the locals come and hang out here but everyone is nice and like to have a good time. It is also across the street from a lot of the local bars and other restaurants which is fun for a big group to out and get some drinks! My family and I love the feel of Port Aransas and how laid back everything is and the people are always nice.  I love eating at new places but this is a place that I will always come back to and It is located in the middle of town. The next time you are in Port Aransas make sure you stop by and eat here!

Piper Davis


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