“The Year I changed my Life”

“The Year I Changed my Life” is how I decided I will refer to this year… 2016. Earlier this year, in January, I quit my job of twelve years. This was a huge step because many people around me thought I would stay at that job forever. I know I must have sounded like a broken record to them because I was always saying that I would quit, and I never would. So in January I followed through with my word and quit the job.

I had to sell my house to do so, which is a tad scary as I hope that life after my degree works out to where I can get another. At the rate the house market is going in Austin I might have to move to Bastrop. I am not too worried because for some reason, my professional life always works out. Other aspects of my life not so much.


OK, so this was only a 5K, but it was fun! “Happy” is how I describe my life right now.

Along with the stress of a job you hate sometimes comes some extra pounds. So besides quitting my job, I have made exercise a part of my life. I have made a lot of progress since January when I started, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I now run up to an average of 14 miles a week. This is nothing close to my two younger sisters who have this “running bond”between them. They run 14 miles on one Sunday alone. They have been runners for years, just like my dad. I always knew there had to be a runner somewhere deep inside me. Perhaps not like my sisters who run marathons and travel long distances to run them. They are both going to Amsterdam this October to run a marathon there. Hopefully one day I will be able to run a marathon.

I am also taking charge of my personal life and reconnecting with people that for years I took for granted. My job had always been stressful and demanding with me being on call 24/7. It is exciting to be able to go out and do something in Austin without worrying about having my phone or getting a call in where I have to go back to work. The feeling of not being tied down to my phone or this job is awesome.

So this is the year that I decided to change my life and it has been amazing! I am excited to see what the rest of the year will look like for me. The only regret I have is that I did not quit my job sooner as I am loving my new life!

-Sarah Rendon


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