Things I Learned After Transferring to Texas State

By Emily Santana

The past two years I’ve spent in San Marco have been quite a journey, to say the least.  As odd as it may sound, I don’t even know how or why I am here, but I do know that coming to this school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. As I enter my final semester at Texas State University, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all the things I’ve learned on and off campus and share some of my tips with current and new students.

  • The first item on my list is a no-brainer. You must wear comfortable shoes on campus! Every day is a workout at Texas State University. I have a hard time believing that anyone that comes on campus wearing anything but tennis shoes, is truly comfortable. My feet hurt even when I wear basic flip flops.
  • Check the weather every damn day, but still be sure to prepare for the unexpected. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my apartment wearing clothes that didn’t match up with the weather. I’ve worn shorts when it’s 40 degrees and long sleeves in 80-degree weather. P.S. Make sure you purchase rain boots and umbrellas.
  • Right off of N. LBJ Drive on Acorn Street, in front of Thai Thai Café, there is a street where parking is free and close to campus, but it is VERY limited. This was helpful to me in my first semester when I didn’t understand how the shuttle system worked (judge me). Knowing that this limited parking exits could also be useful if you are making a short stop on campus and don’t feel like paying to use the parking garage or if you don’t want to hike two miles from the commuter lots.
  • is like a bible when it comes to picking your professors. Bless the soul(s) that came up with this website. It permits you to get a general feel for the professors and how they run their courses. I’ve found some of the best teachers through this site. Hence why I’m in this class. 😉
  • Stock that backpack with lots of snacks! Whether you’re enduring a late night study session or you woke up late and didn’t eat breakfast, there will come a time where you need the fuel. Unless you want to pay $10 for a bag of chips somewhere on campus, I would suggest buying your snacks in bulk elsewhere.
  • You should rent your text books when you can. Chances are that you will never open the book again when the semester is over. This is not always the case, but I have never had the desire to open up a $200 chemistry book for my leisure. Save your dollars and space. Also wait until after the first day of class to purchase your books. Nothing makes me more upset than when I would buy I textbook and then the professor would tell us that we didn’t need it.
  • Campus squirrels are the most domesticated squirrels you will ever encounter. Just like us, these creatures endure the everyday struggles of finding food and treading around campus. I sat outside once and drinking my coffee and sharing my banananut bread with one. His name was Jimmy.


And lastly…

  • There is no campus with better location, students or staff! Eat ‘em up cats!




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