The Struggle Is REAL

Every guy is different. Each one reacts to things differently, however, each one tends to piss off girls in the same way. Sure, most of the time guys believe that we are just “overreacting” or “being dramatic,” which by the way upsets us even more. I promise you 99 percent of the time we believe we are being 100 percent rational and if a guy doesn’t see that, too bad.

Here are some things from my past experiences that make me explode.

When ever they ask to hang out, and they are very vague such as “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” or “it doesn’t matter; whatever you want” or the one that drives me insane, “Just figure it out and let me know.” Be a man. Man up and plan something romantic. Do not ask us out if you do not plan the evening.

Now here’s a word for the guys we meet at bars. Just because you bought me a drink does not mean I owe you anything. I am not obligated to stick around you the rest of the night or have to give you my number or anything. My time or attention does not equal the cost of a drink I promise yomemeu that.

Now if you are really trying to impress us and you buy me a drink but not my friend who’s standing there with us, that’s not just bad, but it’s bad manners. You really want to make a good impression and that is not a great way to start.

“What did I even do?” or “Did I do something?” COME ON! Any time a guy texts me this, I know something is about to go down. I cannot stand it when I have to explain myself on more than one occasion
that I do not like something, that I do not appreciate something, or that I juScreen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.56.24 PMst did not want him doing that. Listen and learn. It is frustrating when we feel like  what I say goes in one ear and out the other.

Lastly, another pet peeve is when guys act childish after a breakup, and by childish I mean posting Facebook status saying “I’m finally free!” Like no, you aren’t free, you were not released, your ass got dropped, bro. Do not try to act like you have been in jail or held hostage for x amount of time. So there is no reason to try to fool people that the break up is something that is “setting you free.” So don’t post on social media something negative about your ex significant other. Only person that looks bad doing that is the person doing the posting.

There are plenty of other reasons why guys annoy me on a daily basis, and I am sure every girl can agree with me on that. These were just the ones that happen today.

-Ana Feria


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