I survived a long-distance relationship


I graduated from high school a single young woman. I was 17 and would be turning 18 soon, and I was fully prepared to meet someone while I was away at college. I even expected to meet the one (you know, my future husband) in that Hollywood way that all college students meet their life partners.

As life would have it, I ended up dating a friend of mine the summer before I went to college. We had met in the 7th grade and pretty much became best friends. Then high school came along, I started dating, he started dating so we grew apart. But on my 18th birthday, we made the difficult decision to be together.

“Difficult decision?”

I would be going to Texas State, and he would be attending Texas A&M Kingsville–an entire three hours apart from each other. It may have been a very short distance compared to others’ long-distance relationships, but we figured it would be hell nonetheless.

Fast forward to today and you will find that we are still as in love with each other as the first time our hands touched on the couch at our friend’s graduation party. We will both be finished with school in December, and then we’ll be getting married in April 2018.

Four years ago, if you had told me where we’d be in 2016, I honestly couldn’t have pictured it. There were many, many times when all the frustration, tears and fights were almost too much to handle.

But we managed to pull through.




If it hadn’t occurred to you already, video chatting is what holds LDRs together. I got to see his amazing smile every single day, and we’d keep each other company while we did homework. And by “did homework” I mean “watched YouTube videos for ten hours at a time while we tried to do homework”. Although it hurt that he was just pixels on a screen and not actually there, it really did help to be able to see him. Try Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Snapchat and other video chatting apps.

2. Communication

Talk to each other as often as you can. Whether it’s by text, Facebook messenger, Snapchat or even a good ol’ phone call, take time to talk to each other. One of the biggest mistakes I made that put a lot of stress on our relationship was neglecting him while I was busy rushing a fraternity

3. Visits

Obviously, this was a favorite of ours. Since we were both in marching band, we had to schedule our visits around our football schedules. But the beautiful thing about college marching band is that, unlike high school, we weren’t required to go to every single game (HALLELUJAH!). So if I was free, I’d drive three hours to Kingsville and stay for a few days, and if he was free, he’d drive to me. Savor each of those precious moments you have with each other. You never know how long it’ll be until the next time you get to visit.

4. Spontaneous visits!

While playing hooky to go spend time with your boyfriend is frowned upon, I did it SO many times. I would take advantage of the classes that didn’t take attendance and leave on a Thursday (when I still had class on Friday), and stay until the following Tuesday (when I had class on Monday). This was easier for me to accomplish later in the fall when football season was over, and in the spring since I didn’t have to work around band. Obviously, I don’t condone skipping class to visit your significant other. But the look on his face when he opened the door totally not expecting to see me sure was worth it.

5. Staying optimistic

This one’s the most difficult to practice. At one point, we realized that we’d have to spend three months without seeing each other. When he left San Marcos that night, I cried myself to sleep. I wanted it to be a year from then. I wanted to be in my apartment, with him beside me. Those feelings didn’t waver, and now I get to wake up to him every single morning. My dream has come true.

Try not to let the college dating environment get to you (which is another topic for another day). Stay strong and one day, it will all be worth it.

By Aissa Martinez


Preparing for Post-Grad

This fall will be my last semester at Texas State University. The past four years have been a great experience and taught me so much about the world and myself. I am very excited and anxious about what my life will be like after graduation. Since this is my last summer vacation as a student, I have taken this opportunity to create plans to help me prepare for post-graduation. Below are a few tips that I feel every senior should use to help them prepare for post-graduation.

  1. Decide whether or not you should go to graduate school or into the work force.

Everyone knows education is important, but for some majors’ graduate school isn’t necessary. I feel it is best to do a little bit of research and see if graduate school is vital before applying for it. If that answer is no, start looking at jobs you would like to apply for after graduation.

  1. Look for a good internship for your last semester

Hopefully, this isn’t your first time applying for an internship, which mean you are off to a great start. If this is your first time applying, it’s good that you’re trying to get some experience now before you graduate. It looks great on resume and shows you’ve not only received a degree, but experience towards the field you’re going in to.

  1. Find a good place to live

Being done with college means no more student housing!  Of course you can always move back home, which is fine and saves a ton of money. On the other hand, if you find a job in a new area or interested in moving out-of-state, there are things you need to look in to like: the cost of living, if the neighborhood is safe and how far away it is from your new job.


Written by: Tatanysha Morgan



America Shattering Scenario by Chance Adam Mena

Typically discussions on Facebook  involving politics lead to the alienating of friends and family members. In spite of the usual, a conversation focused on the current candidates  for President of the United States between a friend and I led to an unusual topic, the possible scenario of the U.S.A splitting into multiple sovereign states.  





The conversation started with a quip that if Donald Trump were elected we would fall into another Civil War and if Hillary Clinton won we would go into another Cold War with Russia that could result in nuclear fallout. Though a joke, it reflects on the common perception American’s have, that our current political system is highly-polarized.


The conversation snowballed into a hypothetical question of “Would such events even be necessary?” Russian-American engineer and a writer Dmitry Orlov in his piece, “Closing the ‘Collapse Gap’…“, argues that the U.S.A has all the existing precursors.

He argues against those who disregard the possibility simply due to its likelihood by pointing to the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, (U.S.S.R.). Even though the collapse and separation of the U.S.S.R was deemed unlikely, it happened nonetheless.

Orlov states there are key factors that led to the U.S.S.R collapse and that U.S.A posses all of them.

  1. Stuck in a state of war (The war on terrorism and involvement in the Middle East’s conflicts)
  2.   Declining Oil Prices
  3. High spending in military budgets 
  4. Unsustainable deficits and foreign debt
  5. Corrupt and unresponsive political system that is incapable of reforming
  6. A nation-wide illusion of grandeur that prevents an open dialogue in regards to current issue

Orlov makes some solid points however, I am going to simply recognize his stance as a good argument but an unlikely, tangible event. Maybe I am simply being optimistically ignorant. We will just have to wait to see to find out. If it does go down I am prematurely declaring myself the new King of the South.








The Nanny Life

At the age of 21 I can promise you that none of us want to be in charge of kiddos, much less three, unless you are a nanny. Being in charge of three kids gives you a whole new sense of peace and quiet. Even though being a nanny can be crazy at times, I love these boys more than anything.

I take care of three wild-haired boys: Leo (6), Luke (5) and Lincoln (10 months). The two older boys are barely interested in anything besides video games, in particular, Pokémon.  As soon as their feet hit the floor in the mornings, they are already asking to play games.  Lincoln is a doll, but only sleeps around 5 hours a night. If it wasn’t for a nanny, their mom would not even have time to breathe.

If you are looking to make good money in college I would look into being a nanny. Keep in mind though, being in charge of kids is no easy feat. I have to feed, entertain, bathe and put them to be everyday. As I said before, you live for the moments when you don’t have a kid screaming at you or hitting their brother. Finding a family to help is super easy, just get a Care.com account, all it requires is a background check and for you to give your schedule. Making money is right around the corner as long as you are ready to lose a little sleep.

-Jerrika Midkiff



Can it be August yet?

Summer school is never easy. The long hours and having to go to class every single day can be quite annoying, especially in this heat. It also doesn’t help to think that just a week ago I was sitting on the beach in Cabo without a worry in the world. Cabo was easily one of my favorite vacation spots I’ve ever been to. I’m not sure if it was the beaches, the bars or just the fact that everyone you came into contact with was so friendly, but that was definitely a trip I will never forget.

There is something about a cold margarita and warm sand that school just can’t beat, and the thought of being back on the beach seems to cross my mind at the most inopportune times…like today during my media law test. I definitely plan to make a trip back there as soon as this summer session is over. 13662126_1158216390865599_5482710335833075084_o

-Cameron Eklund


San Marcos River


San Marcos River

            Many Texans know San Marcos for its infamous river that careens through the city. As a resident of San Marcos, I too have fallen in love with the river. Since moving to San Marcos in the summer of 2014, I began to notice that I go to the river almost every single day.

The San Marcos River is spring fed and is a constant 72 degrees, making it a great swimming spot practically year-round. The city has many fantastic swimming areas, but the best spots are those that we find on our own. My current favorite river hangouts are near Rio Vista Park and Five Mile Dam Park.

Those parks are also the best place if you want to bring your dog to swim, too. I love to bring my dog with me to the river, but sometimes it is too crowded and it would be too inconvenient to bring him. Five Mile Dam and Rio Vista allow for me to bring my dog and have plenty of space for him to run around and swim.

A recent concern is the amount of trash that is being found at the river. Since the summer heat has brought many people to cool off in the waters of the San Marcos River, it has also brought all of their trash. The people who leave their trash at the rivers are mostly large families and gathering groups. They come to the river, set up their tents and grills, eat and then leave. Without a concern for their impact on the river.

In my first semester at Texas State University, I accepted an officer position for a student organization named RINSE, or the River Inspired Student Effort. Our only goal is to promote stewardship of the San Marcos River and to host trash pick ups throughout the year. Through numerous organized cleanups, RINSE has been able to keep many areas of the river clean and free of debris.

The San Marcos River is an absolute dream to those who love to swim in natural waters. The marine life is plentiful, the waters are clear and the people are friendly. What more could you ask for in a city of mermaids.

-Hanna Greenlee


Summer time shine

Well here we are, summers end yet again. As the Sunnys days get hotter, classes are finally ending. The one thing I’ve realized spending my summers in San Marcos is the amount of students that don’t stay. Granted summer usually means going back home but after a while doesn’t that just seem boring. Since I have stayed here for the past three summers I have met a plethora of new people, was able to fully integrate myself in class and leave an impression (I hope). Who says you have to be satisfied with going back home. This is my home, my current home at least. I find that separating myself in the summer time has allowed for me to become even more comfortable in this town. Faces become a lot more familiar, places recognize you faster and it almost feels like you are running the town. Daily occurrences consist of pools, tanning, riverside chillin and grilling. It’s ideal! Just spend a day with me and see for yourself.

-it is what it is