If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

IMG_7457One of my favorite hobbies that I have acquired over the years is cooking. I enjoy creating dishes from scratch and trying new foods. For me, cooking is a very relaxing form of therapy. You can follow a recipe and not have to put much thought into it which is a great thing to do after a stressful day. Or you can come up with your own recipe and make it exciting on days you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen.

If cooking a full meal is too intimidating or stressful, start off with something small like a dessert or appetizer. Baking can also be just as fun as cooking. There are so many different types of desserts to make with various difficulty levels. I started off by baking homemade cookies with my mom and gradually worked my way up to more complex desserts like Boston Creme Pies. As for appetizers, I like making all different types of dips and sauces for food trays or finger foods.

Like all hobbies, you have to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing because it’s something that makes you happy. It just so happens that food makes me happy so I love to make it.

-Harrison Holt


Dirty Sixth and West Sixth

Many people know Sixth Street in Austin as a crazy, dirty place to spend Saturday nights with friends. Most people don’t remember their Saturday nights there; even more folks don’t even realize that Sixth Street has two different sides.

One side that is most people are familiar with is Dirty 6th and the other side is West 6th, which is kind of more upper class. Dirty 6th consist of dozens and dozens of bars, a  few over-rated and very overpriced food stands within a three-block radius.

The good majority of these bars are extremely filthy. If a health inspector ever stepped foot inside of one, he would shut it down within a matter of days.

For the other side of Sixth Street, known as West 6th St., which many people don’t know about, is known for being a little more classy and extremely overpriced. You can run into local sports athletes such as Vince Young, Johnny Manziel or your local Austin, Texas, millionaires on any given day.

Several bars that I would recommend on Sixth Street would be as follows.

Dirty 6th.

1: The Rooftop on Dirty 6th is one of the cleanest and safest bars I have ever visited. The bartenders are extremely friendly and fast. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes to get a drink.


2: Voodoo Room is unique in its own way, you’ll have to visit it to see what I mean.


West 6th ST.

3: Kung Fu Saloon

One of the only bars I have found in Austin so far that has 1970s-style arcade video game machines. If free video games doesn’t sound like a fun time, then I don’t know what does.


4: Concrete Cowboy

One of the craziest bars in Austin, Concrete Cowboy has a amazing second floor balcony that overlooks all of downtown Austin.


By Casey Sauceda


Before you go forth

By Trey Moehle

There are many signs of fall on Texas State’s campus. Students can be seen tossing a football at the weekly tailgate, trees are starting to turn, and group projects, tests, and papers all come to a close in preparation for the end of the year. While most students on campus approach winter break with a sense of excitement and relief, what with some time away from the classroom right around the corner, another group approaches it with a much greater sense of anxiety: The Seniors.

As college comes to a close and “the real world” quickly approaches, seniors’ minds are more occupied with the ideas of solidifying a job, finding living arrangements, and finally leaving the place that they have called home for the last four years. Coming to college from the big scary world, I can certainly understand the uncertainty that students have of transitioning from the student role to that of an alumnus.

The end of a student’s undergraduate career is obviously a time to celebrate. Students deserve to look proudly upon their Texas State accomplishments and reflect on ways in which it has prepared them to be successful throughout their careers. My only advice for those who are graduating is “take it all in” before this chapter of your life closes.

Don’t focus so far in the future that you forget to live your life. After graduation, life will change and you will never get these moments back. Each student will look back at this time with fondness and remember how many opportunities each one of us was afforded because of the education from Texas State.

Until then, relish the glorious life of a college student.


Bambi’s Got a Secret

Here I am with your Disney buzz of the day!

By Brittney Moore

The hit classic “Bambi” goes back to the year 1942 and is only the fifth film in the Disney animated classic series. You would never it know but the voice behind the lovable character Bambi would seriously surprise you.

Meet Donnie Dunagan, a decorated Marine and veteran of the Vietnam War who served for a quarter century. Dunagan was drafted in the ’50s and was outstandingly promoted 13 times in 21 years. This was a Corps record at the time. Dunagan has the best kept secret of any career Marine I can think of, he voiced the furry and lovable character of Bambi in 1942.

As a child Dunagan had a brief run in with acting and was chosen by Walt Disney himself to voice the coveted character of Bambi. Dunagan, now 80, tells his wife, Dana, the experience of carrying around a secret for a lifetime.

“I never said a word to anybody about Bambi, even to you,” Dunagan said. “When we first met I never said a word about it. Most of the image in people’s minds of Bambi was a little frail deer, not doing very well, sliding around on the ice on his belly.”

It’s very hard to envision the voice that was once Bambi as a commander in a Marine Corps, responsible for hundreds of recruits. Dunagan didn’t want his recruits thinking of him as the warm and fuzzy Bambi. God forbid anyone ever called him “Major Bambi.” He would have been mortified, so he kept his mouth shut.

Years later and a week shy from Dunagan’s retirement the secret finally got out. No matter how hard he tried to escape it, that voice from his past always found him.

“But I love it now — when people realize, ‘This old jerk, he’s still alive and was Bambi,” Dunagan said. “And I wouldn’t take anything for it, not a darn thing for it.”

Bambi, the character that is so close to people’s hearts is voiced by a true American hero.

This is Donnie Dunagan in 1974, during his time in the Marine Corps. Even if anyone had known, it's tough to imagine anyone calling him BAMBI de David Hand - 1942 - (



What an amazing journey and four years it has been! I can’t believe I’ll be in California this weekend. I just want to take this opportunity to thank Texas State University, my professors and friends. Its been interesting the last couple days trying to see everyone and contain all the emotions I’ve been feeling. I’m going to cherish the four years I’ve spent at Texas State.

Texas State University

Texas State University

The crazy thing for me to comprehend is that I’ll be leaving San Marcos in less then three hours. I have no idea where time has gone? However, it’s time to start the next chapter in my life. I can’t wait for California and then to go down to the Southern Hemisphere. I would like to wish all of my classmates good luck during their final week of MC4313!


What goes around, well . . . goes around.

By Beau Mossey

Most of the time in today’s society, people seem to look past the little things. Everybody is caught up in their own little world. In a heavy media-driven technology world that consumes our daily occurrences, I come across a sea of faceless people. Yes, faceless.

Everywhere I go, the majority of people that I see are looking down at their phones. I cant tell you how many times I have walked through campus and seen a friend who I try and initiate interaction, but they are too busy looking down . . . at their phone. Who can actually walk around and look down, preoccupied with other activities on your cell device. I get on the bus to campus Monday through Friday and as I sit and survey the seats, every head is down . . . looking at their phone.

It seems that whatever is going on in that tiny screen of theirs that we hold in our hands 95 percent of the time is taking over. Communication skills are declining, people have become lazy with the spelling or sentence structure or conversing that we just don’t talk anymore.

We have become so concerned with what other people are doing or who they are with or what we want them to see or hear what we are doing because we have all these social media outlets that we deem “important.” If we would just put our phones down or away, took a second and looked up for once, we might actually see something or someone.

Here is a challenge: Delete all social media sites from your cell phone for a week. See how that bodes for you. Ha!


Don’t Look Back In Anger

By Jake Samaniego

As I look back on my college education and look forward to the future, I find myself reflecting on the person that I once was. Gone is the person with insecurities and lack of confidence. Going through college signified an evolution for myself both personally and professionally. What galvanized this chance was the chance of an internship that changed the course of my career and life permanently.

When I look back on my time at Texas State, it’s ironic that I look at the time that I spent OUTSIDE of the school. A small private PR firm changed the way I viewed myself. When hired on at Giant Noise, I thought it was just a joke, some dream, some fantasy that I had normally created for myself in my head. In all honestly, they had every reason not to take a chance on me.

I didn’t have much experience for the types of projects and clients that they serve but they did anyway. Not only did they give me the tools and talent to succeed, they taught me never to doubt myself. To always have confidence, even if you’re not sure exactly what I’m doing. Without them, I would never of found my love and calling for the music industry.

So when I look back, I’ll always remember Texas State for allowing me to intern at Giant Noise, I would never of gotten to see the things that I saw or experienced such a dynamic group of talented, funny, sincere and creative people.

To those who feel inferior when applying for jobs and internships, don’t. It really is that simple. Whenever someone told me to just apply, I doubted them. I thought in my head that there was more to it. But there really isn’t. I hope that you all find that special job or company willing to take a chance on you like Giant Noise did for me.